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We offer every service necessary for your investigation

In our company, things like a simple asset check can include not only assets but also nationwide bank accounts, brokerage accounts and IRA accounts, We can go as in depth as you need us to go no matter what type of request.

What is the Truth?
Prove it!
Present it Professionally
Leave no room for doubt

Surveillance is not just surveillance anymore

Hiring a company to do surveillance of a subject might result in some useable information. When Vanguard gets a case, we start with social media sites and scour in ways other companies don't even know about. Most of the time we can obtain at least a photo of the subject and many times we can get a better view of the subject's activities so we can maximize our efforts to gain a more accurate depiction of the subject's activities and abilities. Many times we can obtain information to supplement our surveillance report. Online photos of the subjet could have been taken years ago and just recently posted. We have tools and resources to prove that photo of the subject water skiing was taken just last weekend.

Asset Searches
Background Searches
Clinic Investigations
Database and Social Media mining
Hospital / Pharmacy / Chiropractor records retrieval
Photography - scene, vehicle or aerial
Pre Employment Screening
Recorded Statements
Video Documentation

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