About partnering

Our partners

Our Background Affiliate

Provides a massive repository of historical and current records linking people, businesses and assets.

Our Partners and Affiliates are exclusive.

The companies we work with that provide us with specialized services such as our in depth asset or medical searches are well established companies we have had a relationship with for years. Through our relationship, we can get bulk prices and help you sort throught a miriad of information that you can't get on your own.

Data drowning:

We utilize all of our data resources to combine, compile and then compress the information you need in a neat easy to read format. We don't drown you in secondary data that not only confuses you but does not help you get the information you need quickly.

Our Medical Records Affiliate

Can research Hospitals, Pharmacies and Chiropractors to obtain records and dates of service under HIPAA

Our Asset Affiliate

Utilizes the SWIFT software used exclusively in banking transactions around the world to locate hidden accounts.

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